Whole Milk Lessens the Chances of Obesity in Kids, Study Finds

Skimmed milk has become a trend when it comes to weight loss. Many people opt towards fat-reduced milk expecting to lose a pound or two. Even experts and nutritionists have promoted and recommend skimmed milk to avoid fatness. But research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals a slightly reverse link. Even more, you might require to re-think about the choices after learning the surprising finding. Experts have discovered that kids who drink whole milk have lower chances of gaining excess weight. Canadian researchers have found the milk fact by analyzing the results of over two dozens of clinical findings.

The NHS, in the UK, recommends breastfeeding to babies for up to six months. Even more, parents prefer semi-skimmed milk for toddlers or children above the age of two. But the team of scientists at St Michael’s Hospital of Unity Health, Toronto, Canada, says the milk bottle with a blue cap is better for kids. The study shows toddlers who drink whole milk every day have 40% fewer chances of being overweight. The massive clinical trial focuses on over 21,000 kids. Reportedly, most of the children in the US and Canada drink cow’s milk daily. Even more, it contributes significantly to dietary fat for many kids. Dr. Jonathon Maguire, a pediatrician and leading author of the study, said children consuming reduced-fat milk at the age of two are not thinner than those drinking whole milk.

On the other hand, none of the researches has revealed that children who drink semi-skilled milk have fewer chances of being weighty. Over 50% of studies from 28 trials have shown those who drank whole milk had less probability of becoming overweight. Dr. Maguire noted as a next step; they aim to find the link between whole milk and reduced chances of obesity. He also stated that the trials included in the research are observational. Thus, the researchers are unsure whether full-fat milk has a lessened risk of obesity. Dr. Maguire added a randomized study could assist in unveiling the effect and cause.


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